Year 5 - Wilberforce

Mrs Hogas - Classteacher

Ms Thurston - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Wonderous Wilberforce Class. This academic year, we will be striving to accomplish amazing things and prove that we are resilient to anything we are challenged with. William Wilberforce said, “We are too young to realise that certain things are impossible…So we will do them anyway”. Our classroom is a place to speak your mind and have no fear of failure. Failure is just proof that you are trying!


We will make each day count and work collaboratively as a team to successfully complete tasks. We will be curious, ask questions and do our own research to find the answers.

We will begin the year by diving into the murky past of medieval history. Our book will be Arthur High King of Britain - by Michael Morpurgo.

This year, we have an inspiring learning journey ahead of us and we are thrilled to be participating in various topics to satisfy our hunger for scientific enquiry, mathematical problem-solving and other general knowledge. We will travel back and encounter Ancient Egypt; adventure through the world as treasure hunters; explore the Earth and our galaxy as stargazers and discover the wonderful world around us in green fingers.