Spotlight On Sport

Dear Families

This academic year welcomes "Singlegate Gets Fit" as an energetic and innovative initiative to:

  • educate and motivate children, families and staff about the benefits of being active
  • enjoy physical activity as part of our daily life
  • increase fitness levels across the school
  • find a sport for every child
  • develop everyone's interests in a range of sports and encourage and facilitate active engagement with clubs
  • get the local community (and beyond) involved

We will be working very closely with a variety of personal trainers, fitness instructors, dance teachers and sporting specialists and professionals to deliver daily fitness activities that will benefit all children from Years 1-6. Our Foundation Stage children will continue to enjoy daily "movement" sessions to music to support their co-ordination and gross motor skills. We are very thankful to so many keen sporting experts for giving up their time to work with us on a voluntary basis. They are as passionate about "fitness" as we are.

At the heart of this fabulous initiative is Rebecca Cox and Cesny Euzenat who both deliver high quality personal training sessions and are very keen to inspire our children and celebrate the excellent work of both the children and staff in partnership both locally and Nationally. This initiative will be the initiative to beat and follow.....

Staff have already been busy this summer improving their fitness levels and will be very much involved in working alongside a range of our sporting specialists to deliver high quality physical activity. Staff meetings will also include a 30 minute personal training session.

We also intend to involve as many of you as is possible by offering a weekly FREE personal training session to all families during the school day.

We have secured sponsorship to fund our very own personalised Singlegate PE kit, which we expect every child to wear for these 30 minute sessions. The Foundation Stage children will wear their special kit for their weekly PE sessions. These kits will be kept in school and washed weekly by us. We do expect every child to make sure that they have their own trainers/plimsols, shorts and tracksuits to accompany our personalised PE top. The logo above has been specifically designed for our PE tops. A bottle of water is also recommended on a daily basis. Personalised water bottles can be purchased from our school office at the cost of £2.00.

Miss Abrook and myself have also planned a "Spotllght on Sport" themed monthly event which will specifically promote a sport/physical activity that will include inspirational assemblies and workshops led by well-known sports personalities. Specific sporting activities and personal training sessions will then also focus on the skills that need to be applied to that chosen sport/activity of the month. The children will also learn about the lifestyle of a sports personality to include training, nutrition etc.

Our Singlegate gets Fit will be launched on Tuesday 17th September and every child from Years 1 - 6 will follow a series of age specific exercises to level their fitness and then this fitness will be tracked across the year to demonstrate progress in fitness levels. We also aim to monitor and track the Children's confidence in their learning, enthusiasm for physical activity, improved emotional well-being as well as our school's performance in Borough wide competitions.

Miss Abrook, myself and the children will continue to keep you very well informed as to the progress of our "fitness" capabilities and what has been successful. Do keep checking the website for up to date information to include photographs and movies of us at work! Please also look out for when our first family personal training session will be, it will be great fun!

If you would like to find out more and try one of our Personal Training sessions then please come to a Singlegate Gets Fit workshop on Tuesday 17th September from 3.30 pm. We will be providing a crèche for school aged children to allow you to get fully involved.

If you are able to attend this workshop, please inform your child's classteacher.