Year 4 - Persistent Piccadilly

Mrs Mitchell - Classteacher

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Piccadilly Class, filled with keen learners that are ready to resume their learning journey. We will continue to work as a team bringing excitement and challenges to our learning in Piccadilly Class and this is why we are known as Persistent Piccadilly.

Be positive, be patient, be persistent!

We always strive to do our best and work collaboratively as a team. We are supportive of each other's feelings and help each other through difficult times. Our class is a great place to be with some amazing opportunities.

At the beginning of the year we start by diving deep down into the ocean with Blue Abyss, exploring the ocean and going on an adventure to Treasure Island. Later we will be enrolling at Hogwarts as a wizard, reading Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone and exploring potions. We continue our love for reading by going back in time to the Romans and Vikings and taking a road trip across America.

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An exciting part of Year 4 is our trip to Sayers Croft in the Autumn term, which we are hoping will still go ahead. A chance to test our skills and work together. We predict lots of fun and to come home with new experiences.

We have a class filled with plenty of talent, including ambitious writers, mathematicians, readers, musicians, scientists, artists, sports people-the list is endless! Together we know that being positive gives us better learning opportunities helps us to make sensible choices, that contributes to us learning well as a class.

We feel it's essential that we work hard and strive to do our best as "PERSISTENT PICCADILLY".