Year 3 - Legendary Luther King

Mrs Dickson - Teacher

Miss Kilmurry - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to the Legendary Luther King Class. Named after the inspirational, determined Martin Luther King, we aim and strive to achieve our goals and fulfil our greatest potential and dreams.

In the words of Martin Luther King, ‘Intelligence plus character-that is the role of true education.’ Ultimately, we are not just class members, but a team collaborating together through difficult times, which in our current situation seems even more befitting. Martin Luther King was a pioneer who overcame many obstacles; these are steps we strive to follow.

He strived for democracy and fairness to all, which is the ethos we hold dearly. The children in Luther King work together to ensure we are all treated equally and that each child has a ‘voice’ and an opinion that matters.

Our class author is the amazing, wondrous Roald Dahl. He is an author who many believe is the greatest children’s author of all time and a firm favourite of mine too!

With his books full of magic and wonder, your imagination will come alive and in turn inspire you to write exciting stories and use extraordinary vocabulary.

In Year 3 we have lots of exciting, exhilarating topic days to stimulate your learning and to give the children varied learning opportunities. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Stone Age boy or girl, well guess what, you get to become one for the whole day!

For our avid scientists you will have the opportunity to build and erupt your very own raging volcano- get ready for some explosive fun! Do come along and pop in to see us. This year is going to be such an exciting year!