Miss Sarmiento - Classteacher

Miss Werner - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Livingstone Class. This new name comes from David Livingstone who was 'Africa's greatest missionary.' David Livingstone is well known through large parts of Africa for teaching faith, respect and loyalty. This is the ethos of Livingstone class, to respect and be kind to one another.

David Livingstone is famously known for his explorations of Africa; he went on a remarkable journey for many years. The class teachers of Livingstone class have planned many exciting things this year and are very excited for Livingstone class to live up to the name by being mini explorers. We are very excited to explore different things by, watching, listening, discussing, creating and communicating with class peers and the class teacher.

Each day we aim to develop our skills by working together and persevering, showing a 'can do'attitude. As David Livingstone quotes, 'I am determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.' This year will prove to be an exciting and adventurous journey!