Year 4 - Kennington

Miss Robinson - Classteacher

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We areā€¦
Not negative

Welcome to Kind Kennington Class, filled with learners who inspire and build each other up every day! We are kind to everyone and celebrate what makes us all different. We can all learn from our differences and work brilliantly together as a team.

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During our first term in Year 4, we will travel back in time to explore the Romans, examining their conquest over our island and beyond. Following on from this, we will learn about the Vikings as well as a Road Trip in the USA. Our journey continues with our focus on 'potions', where you will learn about the history of medicine and be sorted into houses, as we read through the fantastic Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Finally, we will explore our topic of City Living.

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Alongside learning about these intriguing topics, you will be developing your own experiments to answer questions you might have about our captivating Science topics this year. As we start the year, you will investigate food chains, different types of teeth, and functions of the digestive system. Throughout the rest of the year, you will investigate how matter changes state, how rain is formed, what it means to hear sounds, how to create a working circuit, explore what it means to be a conductor, and investigate the causes of lightning strikes.

In Kind Kennington Class we strive to do our best and look forward to a brilliant year!