Welcome to our new leadership team

This half-term has brought a revised way of nominating our Head Boy/Girl team for this academic year. Our traditional approach of having the children prepare presentations to be shared with the children was simply not possible with the current restrictions in place. This year, all of our Year 6 children had to design and make a leaflet that would outline each of their special attributes, qualities and skills linked to the Head Boy/Girl job description. This leaflet had to advertise themselves as a true ambassador of the school. From all of the leaflets designed, each Head of School across the Federation chose a selected few to be interviewed by our Chair of Governors, Mrs Christopherson and myself.

This was great fun as we took the time to ask the children about leadership and more specifically leadership during a pandemic. They were truly impressive, as they spoke about ‘virtual’ ways of communicating to all of the children and providing experiences in school that would mean that being at school was still fun and exciting, even if it meant that we were all slightly more distanced.

I am proud to be able to confirm that our leadership team are:

  • Eleanor
    Head Girl
  • Jay
    Head Boy
  • Matilda
    Deputy Head Girl
  • Rayaan
    Deputy Head Boy

Well done to these children and a big thank you to all of Year 6, as it was such difficult decision to make.