Year 6 - Gifted Glennie

Mr Stone - Teacher

Miss Thomas - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Glorious Glennie. We love to take on new challenges and overcome any obstacle to achieve our targets. Through this year, we will question, investigate and share ideas to improve our learning and discover qualities we never realised we had.

Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.

Brian Tracy

Exciting will be our visit to France coming towards the end of the year which will be an incredible reward for all the hard work and endeavour we would have put in for 9 months. Hopefully, social restrictions will improve in order for this to happen. It will make unforgettable memories. We will learn about new cultures and work as a team to solve difficult tasks.

Sporting activities will be an integral part of our year at William Morris and we look forward to nurturing talent and inspire the next generation of exciting sportspeople and promote a health, stronger and fitter lifestyle. With Sports’ Day being missed last year, we really want to see how incredible our Year 6s are.

Throughout the classroom, you will find engaging characters who show themselves masterful mathematicians, wonderful writers, sensational scientists and dazzling designers. We look forward to see the class flourish and achieve their dreams.

We welcome visitors and hope you will come to see our learning very soon!