Year 6 - Gifted Gates

Miss McMillan - Teacher

Mrs Coles - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

It is not enough to have a good mind; the important thing is to use it well.

Welcome to Gates class. We are a group of kind, resilient and motivated learners. We love a challenge and enjoy learning from our mistakes. We work well together to enable every one of us to reach our full learning potential. Our quote is important to us, because we believe that when you use your mind well, anything is possible! Our class is full of artists, writers, mathematicians, sports stars, musicians and leaders.

We have worked hard during our home schooling months and now we are keen and ready to come back to school and learn together.

We are starting off Year 6 with our topic ‘Guilty or not guilty?’ and we will be reading the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar.

A very exciting opportunity that we will have in Year 6 is our trip to France! We are very much looking forward to this as we celebrate our last year of Primary Education.

This year, I am really looking forward to learning again with you, some of you for the third time – what a team! We have so many fantastic ‘nuggets’ of knowledge to gain in Year 6 and I am excited to share these with you soon.