Friends Of Singlegate School

Friends of Singlegate School (FoSS) is a registered charity (no 1128566) that exists to:

  • Develop effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school
  • Engage with activities or providing equipment which support the school and advance the education of the pupils

What has FOSS achieved?

In recent years, FOSS has financed enhancements to the playgrounds, new dining tables for school lunches, musical instruments, sports equipment, school trips, Santa's Grotto, themed workshops and art/cooking equipment for use in school. We've also held fun events for families such as Summer Fairs, Festive celebrations, Book Fairs, discos and special events for the children and adult only events such as wreath making.

Why do we need to do this?

The Covid-19 pandemic severely restricted the school's normal fundraising streams such as After School Clubs and activities. Government funding cuts and unbudgeted staffing costs, together with rising energy and basic costs, leave very little for the essential materials needed to make school creative and fun. So funds are urgently needed for art and craft materials, outdoor play, classroom resources, sports/play equipment and other enrichment activities for the children at Singlegate.

How can you help?

Every parent/carer/guardian with a child at Singlegate is automatically a Friend ie a member of FoSS. We really need your help please to raise funds for the pupils' experience at Singlegate. Whether you can donate time, money or your skills and ideas, here are just some of the ways you can help:

  • Join our WhatsApp group of volunteers:
  • Donate to FOSS via JustGiving:
  • Purchase items from the School's Amazon Wish list -
  • Volunteer for a stint at our Summer Fair on Saturday 1st July - see below
  • Ask your employer for Matched Funding
  • Spare an hour a month to help us recycle uniform to families who need it
  • Bake/donate cakes or biscuits and/or fruit to our sales or other suitable events
  • Shop via EasyFundraising: - simply search 'Singlegate'
  • Devote your time to help us apply for grants for some big fundraising wins!
  • Make a donation to our FOSS bank account: CAF Bank act no 00035946 sort code: 40-52-40.
  • Help us get set up to claim Gift Aid via the Small Donations Scheme
  • Work with us to approach local businesses for support
  • Like and share our communications on Facebook: FOSS Connect
  • Sow some seeds and grow a few plants we can sell this Summer at our Fair
  • Share your skills, talents, contacts and please join the FOSS Committee at our AGM in July 2023.

The BIG Ask: This year our big focus is our Sensory Garden revamp, which is currently in a state of disrepair and is unsafe for the children to access. This garden provides students with an area of calm in an otherwise busy London community, it gives students access to a space for outdoor learning, gardening, mindfulness and somewhere to collect their thoughts and be at one with their senses. We are calling on anyone with any experience or resources within labour, construction, waste removal, gardening and horticultural, planning and architecture and most importantly, some time to assist us in the deconstruction and revamp! It's our biggest project in a while so we are calling on all members of our school community to help!

Join the FoSS Committee!

Our Committee is made up of volunteer (working!) parents who work closely with the school staff to plan and organise events and activities. We maintain relationships throughout the school and raise money to enhance the children's daily surroundings and support their experience at Singlegate.

Please consider contributing your skills to benefit the school. We have tonnes of ideas and bags of enthusiasm, but without support and action, it's all talk! Even a few hours a month can help so please get onboard to make a difference for our children.

Look out for our communications!

Please look out for our communications through Instagram (@foss_friendsofsinglegate), Facebook (FOSS Connect Singlegate Primary School PTA), ParentMail and around the school regarding our next activities and events. Please like, share and support these to enhance and expand our FOSS Community.

'It's the best day of the year!' - pupil at FoSS cake sale July 2022
'A rainbow road for mindful reflecting' - pupil regarding sensory garden planning 2024


We appreciate people are busy so if you aren't able to volunteer your time, you can help us raise money by joining

It takes less than one minute to join, simply go to:

Every time you shop online, simply click on your easyfundraising app/tab, then complete your shopping transactions as usual.

Over 3,000 shops and sites are included such as Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, etc. All of the shops and sites affiliated with easyfundraising will then donate a sum of money directly to Singlegate Primary School free of charge! For example, Sainsbury's donates £1.50 to Singlegate Primary School each time a new customer shops online, and 50p for each existing customer transaction.

Matched Funding

Matched funding is offered by many companies to their employees. It can hugely increase the impact of our fundraising for the school for relatively little time and effort. Does your company offer matched funding for charitable events? If so, please get in touch.


We accept washed, branded uniform for recycling to other families at our uniform sales. Please leave labelled with the size and for FoSS, at the school office (but please avoid the morning drop-off period when the office staff are very busy). Thank you. Look out for uniform sales on posters and on social media

Stikins Clothes Labels

FOSS receives a small commission when our School code is used when ordering Stickins labels (stick-on name labels for clothes with no sewing or ironing needed). Simply enter the code 18003 when you purchase online at and we will receive an annual contribution towards our fundraising.

How to Contact FoSS

Facebook, join FoSS Connect
Facebook, like us on Friends of Singlegate School

Chat to one of our committee members at school or other volunteers at our events. We welcome ideas and engagements - especially if you are willing to donate and/or volunteer your time to help us put them into action!

FoSS Committee Members

Chair Nyamoi El-Sebai
Co-chair Tara Nicholetts
Treasurer Marifel Graham
Secretary Katie Banham
Communications manager  
Stephen Mead
Nina Akbor
Adrienne Manning
Mehreen Hung
Kelly Sharman
Sameer El-Sebai
Amy Sutherland
Mrs Inwards (Staff PTA)
Mrs Falcica (Staff PTA)

Friends of Singlegate School, registered charity number 1128566.