Supporting the WELLNESS agenda

As a school we do recognise that treats in moderation are part of how we enjoy and love a range of foods so we will still incorporate sweet treats as part of whole school events throughout the year where applicable.

'Come Dine With Me' evenings:

An opportunity to celebrate our culinary skills whilst families are encouraged to bring a dish to share with others. Taste testing and competitive scoring make this an event not to be missed. The dishes contributed can be both savoury and sweet, allowing time to reflect on their nutritional value alongside the pleasure gained from consumption!

Family Feast events

We regularly invite families into school to participate in the lunchtime experience, sitting with their child/ren and enjoying a hot lunch provided by our catering company, Chartwells. This provides opportunity to ask questions about the provision and see the benefits of the shared lunch with children across the school. Feedback from such events has always been incredibly positive.

Famers Market - October 2018

As part of the Soil Association's 'Food for Life' scheme we are close to completing our bronze award. One of the criteria for this award is to develop the children's knowledge of how to eat healthily by cooking from scratch and reducing salt and sugar content. Building community links with food producers and providers is also an important criterion. This event will support this award as well as providing some extra funds towards the improvement of the school playground.

Snack shack - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

An opportunity for children from Years One - Six to purchase their breaktime snacks. Items cost no more than 50p. Please make sure that your child always has a labelled water bottle in school with them every day. There are multiple opportunities across the school day for children to hydrate – in class and around the school site.