Year 1 - Ennis

Miss Bull - Classteacher

Mrs Paget, Mrs Sammut - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Jessica Ennis was an Olympian who competed in seven events and won many gold medals. Seven events for one person is extremely challenging and I strive for Ennis class to believe in themselves in persevering across many subjects.

I always believed. And when you do that, life can get unbelievable.

Jessica Ennis

In Year 1, we are all hardworking like Jessica Ennis and we will continue to learn new skills throughout the year. All the learning the children will do at school will be brought home to show you how fantastic the Year 1 children are. It is important that your child has access and uses the Google Classroom throughout the year so we can share exciting news, learning and home challenges too.

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Our topics this term will deepen our general knowledge and inspire us to create fabulous written pieces. We will be beginning with a journey through London exploring the landmarks, history and people of the beautiful city. It will then be time for us to board a rocket and head to space where we will see the planets of the solar system and everything else space has to offer! We will then travel back in time to explore the Jurassic world and get to know each dinosaur. Next, we will hunt to learn about any animals with paws, claws and whiskers. Lastly, we will delve into the enchanted woodland to spot the mushrooms, fairies and woodland animals!

In Year 1, we will be doing Mathematics, English, phonics, Science, ICT, PSHE and many themed days too. To ensure your children make expected progress with me, I kindly ask you to work with me as a team by engaging with daily reading, home learning and sharing achievements on the Google Classroom.

I can't wait to have your children in Ennis Class and it is going to be a fantastic year!