Year 1 - Delightful Donaldson

Mrs Smith - Classteacher

Miss Thurston - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

We are the delightful Donaldson Class. Our class is named after the world famous, outrageously talented, prize winning author, Julia Donaldson. Here in Donaldson class, we are creative individuals, who love nothing more than escaping into the exciting magical worlds of story books!

Julia Donaldson worked as a teacher at the beginning of her career, before writing songs for children's tv shows. After one of her songs was published as a children's book in 1993 Donaldson decided to become an author writing some of the most loved children's books ever written. In 1999 (20 years ago this year!) She published 'The Gruffalo' which is her bestselling book at more than 10 million copies. Then in 2011 She was awarded an MBE. Her love of poetry began after receiving a poetry book for her fifth birthday, she started writing her own and so the magic began. This inspires us to recite and write our own poetry and stories. Her stories teach us about kindness, friendships and that if you use your imagination you can do the impossible.

In Donaldson class we love to sing and dance. We know that learning is best when we are having fun and fun brings us creativity. Being creative helps us to problem solve and see things differently. We are all unique and we embrace our differences with acceptance and friendship. We are able to express our ideas in a welcoming environment where mistakes are viewed as lessons and promote self-reflection.

This year we travel to London and learn all about the famous landmarks that make our city great, build rocket ships and explore on a woodland treasure hunt. Not forgetting our animal parade where Donaldson class create some awesome animal costumes and the year 1 Rio festival! There is so much happening in Donaldson class this year.