Code Of Conduct

We listen to all adults, each other and are always polite

On the playground we:
  • Enjoy playing safely and let others do the same
  • Stop when the bell is rung
  • Walk back to class safely and quietly

Around school we:
  • Move calmly, slowly and carefully
  • Keep our environment clean and tidy
  • Respect our surroundings

In the dining hall we:
  • Enjoy our mealtime
  • Talk quietly
  • Clear away tidily
  • Remember our manners

Out of school we:
  • Behave sensibly
  • Take pride in our school name

In the classroom we:
  • Enter and leave quietly
  • Always work hard and try our best
  • Listen to others speaking
  • Follow all aspects of class expectations
  • Move around the room sensibly
  • Respect our learning environment