Year 6 - Bublé

Mrs Killick - Classteacher

Miss Lindsey - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome back to Bublé Class! This year we will be striving to live up to our name sake- Mr Michael Bublé. Not only is he an incredible entertainer, he has never been afraid to be himself, stand up for what he believes in and shows kindness and compassion to all.

In Bublé class we love to come to school bursting with curiosity! We never stop wanting to find out more. Ask questions, find things out for yourself and above all, never give up: even when you think it is impossible (I will tell you secret…nothing is impossible). This year has been unprecedented but I want you to know that when you come back to school, you will be met with support, patience and guidance- we are all in this together and we are all here for each other. Everyone will be working to ensure that you are safe and happy.

Bublé Class have an incredible year ahead of us: we will be exploring the vast and majestic polar regions; traveling back in time to smog filled streets of Victorian London and to the outbreak of World War II-in a small rural village in Somerset where a young evacuee suddenly finds himself living with a grouchy, some-what reclusive, old man!. However, before all that excitement,

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.

Throughout the year, we will be building our collaborative skills; teamwork, perseverance and leadership are the cornerstones of Bublé Class. It takes a group of people to help build success- each member of Bublé can only be successful with the support of their classmates. To showcase these skills, throughout the year we will have various engage and express events and hopefully we will ned our year with a residential trip to France with the other year 6 classes from across of the BeDifferent Federation.