Year 5 - Amazing Attenborough

Miss Wheatley - Classteacher

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Attenborough Class. Attenborough Class will be a hub of discovery, excitement and learning. Like Sir David Attenborough, we will approach the world of learning with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. Sir David Attenborough, who is considered a national treasure, has devoted his life to learning about wildlife and all the wonders of planet earth. He is an advocate for nurturing the natural world and saving our planet.

I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.

David Attenborough

As a class, we will collaborate, support each other and flourish together. Every day will bring new challenges and surprises that will help us to grow and build our resilience. It is important that we face the year ahead with perseverance, tenacity and a positive attitude to learning and growth. To support this, we will have a strong focus on our mental and physical fitness. I will expect everybody to put their all into all of our learning and tasks, including PSHE, PE, daily mile and movement breaks. Our movement breaks will be exhilarating and fun with a strong focus on fitness and strength.

Throughout the year, we will go back in time to discover the Ancient Egyptian's beliefs and traditions, we will venture into the unknown to explore the vast expanse of the universe and we will unearth the hidden treasures of our own planet. Before all of this, we will travel back in time to uncover the mysterious, yet delicious, ways of the Ancient Maya.

Let's make this a year to remember.