Year 1 - Amazing Armstrong

Miss Dunn - Teacher

Mrs Belaidi and Miss Pitt - Teaching Assistant

Teacher's Comments

Welcome to Armstrong class. In Armstrong class we are brave and courageous, just like Neil Armstrong. We can overcome any challenges and strive at being successful in everything we do.

We show that even if we find things difficult, we keep on going and never give up. Showing that we are determined to achieve anything we are faced with.

Neil Armstrong was an incredibly determined and adventurous man and he became a famous icon throughout the world, being known as ‘the first man on the moon’.

When things went wrong or mistakes were made, he did not give up, he kept on going finally achieving his dreams as a result.

All his hard work paid off when in 1966, six hundred million people watched braced at their television screens and radios listening and watching Neil Armstrong take those first steps on the moon. Listening to those famous words that people still repeat today! ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’.

Just like Neil Armstrong, Armstrong class will be famous for never giving up and knowing that we can achieve anything.

We will begin our year together by learning all about London and all of London’s famous landmarks. To help support this learning we will be exploring the stories ‘The Queen’s hat’ and ‘Katie in London’. Both books will take us around London letting us explore what fantastic adventures London has to offer.

We will then move on into our next topic which will give the children the opportunity to explore space and adventure into what might be out there. Are we alone? Our books will help the children get their imaginations flowing. We will be reading ‘Beegu’, ‘Whatever next’ and ‘Man on the Moon’.

After that we will be looking at some fantastic texts that are all based around our topics. Some of these texts are ‘The Lion inside’, ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘If I ran the Rainforest’.

We will support and allow the children to adapt and settle into their new classroom and new routines by giving them the time they need. We will strive to close any gaps in the children’s learning which may have widened due to absence of school. We work as a remarkably close team in Armstrong class and are lucky to have 3 adults that will be helping the children succeed on their learning journey throughout Year 1.